Crediton Community Bookshop

What was the change they wanted to make?

Crediton book shop had been a much loved part of Crediton High Street for 35 years. Although the book shop was a going concern, the owner planned to retire and it was likely that it would be closed or perhaps sold and developed as some other sort of business.  In early 2012 a group of residents formed a committee with the objective of acquiring the local independent bookshop for the community.

What did we do?

We provided vital assistance and advice in the compilation of the Crediton Community Bookshop (CCB) Business Plan and Share Offer Document which were launched in November 2012.

What happened?

By September 2013 CCB had raised the majority of the funds through a community share issue. Our advice was funded initially through a scheme ‘Co-operative Enterprise Hub’ and then through the Plunkett Foundation.

Since our initial work, we have helped the committee with a strategic review and support with a recent Power to Change bid which was successful and has enabled them to relocate to a bigger and better location in the High Street.

The original Crediton Community Bookshop