Grants for Care providers in Devon

It’s rare to find grants where it is open to voluntary sector, social enterprises and private businesses but Devon County Council are keen to support the development of a stronger care sector in the County. In addition to the grant, there is free business advice and a whole raft of leadership training courses.

The scheme is open and will run until December 2019 unless funds are used before this date. Definitely worth a look if this is the sector you are operating in.

For more information, visit ‘Creating Innovation and Growth’ .

Crowdfunding, pros and cons

Nesta has recently issued its report on the Crowdfunding Pilot 2016 in the Arts and Heritage sector.


It’s no big surprise that the positives of crowdfunding, other than hopefully being successful with securing the money, is that it helps organisations increase their profile and reaches audiences that they perhaps would not have reached otherwise.

The downsides weren’t many until you read towards the end that nearly a third (29 per cent) of those that answered the survey said the effort placed on crowdfunding was too great relative to the positive impacts experienced.

It isn’t for the faint-hearted!