Devon Disability Collective

What was the change they wanted to make

Devon Disability Collective is a social enterprise formed from the staff team who took over the business in 2015 which they collectively had 55 years of experience working in.  It is a social firm with a commitment to  providing quality training and employment for people with disabilities and those furthest from the labour market.

What did we do

When we were asked to work with them they wanted to consolidate on the bold start they had made in their new venture and asked us to support them in coming up with a new business plan which would inform management on potential markets for their highly skilled workforce.  We carried out research into various avenues advising them on which might hold the strongest advantages for them and which carried more risk.

What happened

We handed over our research findings and the completed Business Plan which were warmly received by the management team.  A quick look at their website shows how they have expanded into new markets.