Devon Loves Dogs

What do they do?

Devon Loves Dogs (DLD) is a membership scheme designed to garner positive support and involvement from both visitors and residents with dogs in the areas of the Pebblebed Heaths, Dawlish Warren and the Exe Estuary. In these areas, the project is funded by South East Devon Habitat Regulations Executive Committee.

What was the change they wanted to make?

The Devon Loves Dogs team wanted to explore how the project could potentially become a self-sustaining social enterprise and what this would entail.

What did we do?

We carried out some research with the people that mattered; the members, doggy related businesses in the relevant areas and the officers of the steering group who represent the various public bodies and landowners involved in the project. From this, we developed two clear strategic options within a business plan and accompanying financial forecasts; one as an independent social enterprise and the resultant potential growth, the other as a slower organic development under the existing arrangement.

This work provided the team with the information that they needed to decide the future direction.

What happened?

There were unexpected benefits through our work. The membership increased as awareness was raised further, and some doggy related businesses are keen to work with the project as a result of the contact. The potential was developed for additional work with key landowning partners.

They have developed a plan to secure the project for the medium term, and are working to develop a long term business model.