Shared Lives

What was the changed they wanted to make?

Shared Lives is all about people in the local community supporting others to live their lives to the full by sharing their home and family life. Shared Lives, as an organisation, works with the family carers and support the placement of people who need some form of care and support;  people with a learning disability, people with mental health issues, older people, people with dementia, and parents with a disability.  Shared Lives wanted to improve the way they captured their social impact; both the impact of the carers and of the organisation itself.

What did we do?

Working with a steering group, we ran a series of meetings and workshops which identified the key issues that needed sorting out, concerns about any future methods that would be used (i.e. keep it simple!), and then developed a tool that could be tested. Through the workshops, Shared Lives’ staff gained a more consistent and better understanding of what outcomes their work can create and how to capture it as part of their normal every day working life.

What happened?

A simple, but effective list of outcomes was created and shared throughout the workshops. ‘Outcomes bingo’, an idea from Jane Bell, the CEO of Shared Lives, proved to be a really great way to get people to spot an outcome within a conversation. The tool is now being tested fully by Shared Lives.

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