Konnect Cornwall CIC

What was the change they wanted to make?

We met Ian Curnow and Tris Ley in October 2013 both long serving police officers coming to retirement from the force when we were part of the Cornwall Social Enterprise Focus service.  It was clear they had a genuine passion for helping people fulfill their potential in life, especially victims and offenders of crime and young people struggling to remain in education.  Their vision was to work with communities using their skills and experience and building upon the lessons they had learned in their careers so far.

What did we do?

We were able to talk through how to set up a social enterprise and advise on a good legal structure that would support their strategy.  We helped them with a business planning framework and feedback on their drafts.  We met with their potential fellow directors and facilitated a group discussion to support them getting off to a united start.  We shared with them some ideas about measuring their social impact along the way and suggested some potential funds that might be suitable for them.

What happened?

Konnect Cornwall CIC was established and currently has 5 team members working both as Konnect Cornwall CIC and as a delivery partner of the Safer Stronger Cornwall Consortium.  They recently secured Awards for All Lottery Funding for their Re-Konnect project which is about equipping people who find themselves marginalised and dis-empowered in society, with the life skills and confidence to re-engage with the community.