The Social Enterprise Europe Erasmus Project

Social Enterprise Europe Erasmus Project is a project that enables people who are setting up their social enterprise to gain experience by doing placements with more experienced owners and managers in another European country.  Social Enterprises in the UK can receive free placements from talented people from all over the EU from one to six months and social entrepreneurs from the UK can be placed in a country of their choice.

Who can get a grant

Anyone who has less than three years experience in running their own business and who resides in the UK can apply.  Although the programme is for all entrepreneurs our interest is in those wanting to set up a social enterprise

Who can be a host?

Any business where the owner or manager has more than three years experience can register as a host organisation.  Although the programme is for all businesses our interest is in supporting social enterprise

What are the grants?

The grants are paid to entrepreneurs to contribute towards their expense of travel, accommodation and everyday expenses.  The level of grant will depend on which country they do their placement in but they are between €560 a month (Bulgaria) to €1100 a month (Denmark).


How do I apply

Both would be hosts and entrepreneurs can apply by registering on the Erasmus website and uploading information about themselves and what they want from the programme.  In each case if you want to be part of our social enterprise project select Social Enterprise Europe as the Intermediate Organisation

What are the Intermediate organisations

For each placement you will have to select an intermediate organisation.  For entrepreneurs the organisation will help you find a host and pay your grant, for hosts the intermediate organisation will help you find suitable placements.

Contact for more information: Cliff Southcombe or Robert Looker.  0845 330 8310 or email